Assess Risk

//Assess Risk

How Much is a Bad Hire Costing You?

Poor Hires:

  • Increase theft & liability issues • Drive customers away
  • Damage your reputation

Industry Research Shows:

  • Bad hires cost an organization thousands of dollars in lost business.
  • In retailing alone, employee theft cost companies $34.5 billion in 2011, accounting for 43.9 percent of total losses.**National Retail Security Survey


Comprehensive research on over 100,000 candidates shows that those scoring High Risk on Assess Risk were:

X• 15 times more likely to have stolen from employers in their last 4 years of work

X• 10 times more likely to use illegal drugs before or during work

X• 10 times more likely to have taken a sick day without really being ill

Assess Risk Provides Powerful Insights for the Hiring Manager

  • Risk Analysis Index helps prioritize candidates based on risk level.
  • Seventeen sets of Realistic Job Preview/Screening Questions identify candidates who are willing to do the tasks required in your job environment.
  • Specific details provided on candidates’ responses in order to understand their attitudes and tendencies before they are hired.
  • Dynamic Interview Guides provide in-depth questions for the interview, plus candidate – specific probes based on responses to the Assess Risk questionnaire.

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