ChequedImpact™, the latest module in the Predictive Talent Selection™ Suite, provides you with the tools to measure your organization’s hiring process and new hire experience. Impact’s automated post-hire assessment, gathers the data needed from new employees, and their managers and colleagues to provide a real time view into your company’s selection process, and to give crystal clear transparency into quality of hire.

With ChequedImpact™ early stage employee performance data is gathered to:

  • Report new hire experience
  • Measure recruitment experience
  • Report organization-wide selection analytics
  • Allow quality of hire data to feed back into benchmark/profile tuning
  • Analyze candidate sources

ChequedImpact™ Analytics – NonVerbals Consulting

What does ChequedImpact Measure?

  • Quality of Hire Score Distribution
  • New Hires by Source
  • New Hires by Recruiter
  • Average ChequedImpactTM Quality of Hire Score by Recruiter
  • ChequedImpactTM Quality of Hire Score Distribution by Recruiter
  • Company-wide Engagement Score Trend

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