Communication Skills Program

//Communication Skills Program

Communication Skills

Duration: 2-Day Program

Course Benefits:

Communication skills are an essential element every employee and manager must have as part of their standard tool set. In this course, through interactive workshops, self-assessments, role-playing activities and video simulations, you gain practical experience initiating and responding to various forms of communication. You learn to handle situations based on a flexible, genuine and self-confident approach. You also gain the skills to collaborate with others and hone your communications toolkit.

You Will Learn How To:

  • Achieve results in your communications with others
  • Build collaborative relationships that emphasize trust and respect
  • Communicate effectively using simple, concise and direct language
  • Enhance your active listening skills to anticipate and avoid common misunderstandings
  • Eliminate the roadblocks that undermine your ability to communicate effectively

Who Should Attend:

Those looking to strengthen their communication and collaboration skills, and work confidently with others. 

Activities throughout this course immerse you in an ongoing simulation including a media-rich experiential learning environment that allows you to practice the communication techniques, tools and strategies presented.

Program includes:

  • Experiencing the difference between one-way and two-way communication
  • Defining your communication style
  • Demonstrating active listening skills
  • Revealing personal filters with simulation games
  • Overcoming cross-cultural barriers through case studies and role-playing
  • Assessing your relationship with others
  • Generating checklists to enhance your performance back on the job

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