Emotional Intelligence Program

//Emotional Intelligence Program

Emotional Intelligence Program

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Duration: 2-Day Program

What is Emotional Intelligence?

“It is a form of Social Intelligence which involves the ability to monitor one’s own and other’s feelings and emotions and to use this information to guide one’s thinking and action, thus enhancing judgemental capabilities in times of pressure

If the driving force of intelligence in the 20th Century Business has been the IQ, then—according to growing evidence– in the 21st Century it will be EQ, and the related forms of practical and creative intelligence. All of us may have the ‘Can Do’ (IQ) element in us, it is important more so in the current Business context to have the ‘Will Do’ (EQ) element.

The dismissal of emotions or seeing it as a potential minefield to be avoided exists even today. Emphasis is laid on cold, hard numbers and the bottom line.

This has increased the distance between Managers and their teams; peer group conflicts are on the rise all leading to stifled creativity, increasing volatile anger and vanishing loyalty and commitment.

Fortunately a better way has been discovered– the exponentially growing science of EI, bolstered by numerous research studies and management reports, is now telling us how to enhance reasoning capacities and at the same time utilize, e-motions or the energy in motion, the wisdom of our intuition, and the power inherent in our ability to connect at a fundamental level with ourselves and those around us.

The offering through the EQ programs deals with the fact that IQ + EQ = SQ where SQ stands for Success quotient. It enables the individual develop self-awareness and thus an awareness of others.

“Emotional intelligence” and “people skills” are competencies needed in every employee. Organizations that recognize the importance of developing their people in these areas benefit by having more productive working relationships, better outcomes, communications, less conflict and enhanced personal satisfaction in their workgroups and teams.

In more specific terms, this training can yield valuable information on particular aspects of the individual and team development process. This conceptual understanding is essentially a starting point for developing more effective workgroups and teams within your organization.

The contents are based on the book: ‘My Spiritual Psychology’ by BK Jayasimha


  • Creating Self-awareness and Self-appraisal.
  • Differentiate between IQ and EQ
  • Discover The Neuro Science of EI
  • Bringing in new understanding about individual Emotional Quotient Grid.
  • Understand and applying the factors of EI in work and personal environments
  • Use Emotional Hierarchy of Human Needs to handle self and colleagues
  • Using Renewal Mechanisms to rejuvenate the Self
  • Building up emotional engagement both Personally and Professionally


  • Tone Setting
  • Introduction To Emotional Intelligence
    • The Role of Thoughts, Feelings, and Emotions in individual Behaviour
    • The all powerful nature of conditioned Behaviours and Convictions and how they impact Performance
  • The EQ Vs IQ debate
  • The Science of EI:
    • Building Resonance in Leadership and Teams
    • Redefining Paradigms from the EI window
    • The Change and Complexity Paradigm
    • Understanding Emotional Contagion
    • EI Competency Factors in defining Success


  • Self analysis – The EQ Grid 1.0
  • Differentiating between Fundamentally and Urgently Important EI Functions
  • Recognizing Behaviors
  • Analyzing Self & Others
  • Appreciating typology differences


  • Role of EI in people management,
  • Mapping Self and Others’ based on Emotional and Rational needs in professional and personal environments.
  • Harnessing Emotional Energy for Peak Performance


  • Bringing about Intentional Change through a renewal system
  • Rejuvenating the Physical, Mental, Emotional and the Spiritual aspects for healthy Living
  • Learn Tools and Techniques of different Renewal Regimes


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