Good 2 Great – L4 Leadership Workshop

//Good 2 Great – L4 Leadership Workshop

Good 2 Great – L4 Leadership Workshop

2-Day Program

“If you want to go fast, walk alone. 

 If you want to go far, walk together”.

                                                            – African proverb

Course Benefits:

Ability, Motivation and Performance are the 3 cornerstones to successful leadership. In today’s fast changing world; human dynamics change faster than the world itself. Adaptation and flexing of people skills is the key to the “Holy Grail” of leadership.

As a leader, it is important to direct, solve, develop and empower the infinite human resource around oneself. The ability to connect the 3 cornerstones is a DaVincian skill – looking beyond the obvious.

Good to Great is a 16 hour program that uses a L4 leadership approach so that participants can accurately diagnose their preferred leadership styles and appropriately leverage the experiences they provide at work .

You Will Learn How To:

  • Apply core management skills, tools and techniques to deliver results
  • Develop a ability to leading teams and flex leadership styles
  • Enhance your leadership abilities by developing emotional intelligence
  • Communicate with, motivate and empower your team
  • Delegate work to individuals and teams
  • Develop a management vision for success

Who Should Attend:

Managers wishing to broaden and improve their Leadership skill, those who have small or large teams to manage, and those who wish to build their knowledge of contemporary management techniques and lead.

In an immersive environment, you participate in a challenging, multimedia case study, as well as individual and group activities to apply Leadership and management tools, techniques and strategies.

Program includes:

  • Understanding the different leadership models
  • Assessing one’s inherent leadership style and personalizing their own management model
  • Developing a strategy to work with the team in terms of communication and delegation
  • Working towards creating a team that works positively with feedback and honing effective feedback techniques
  • Simulating a working environment to improve approaches at work
  • Designing effective feedback techniques
  • Creating a personal management vision

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