Responding to Conflict: Creating Resolution & Cooperation


Responding to Conflict: Creating Resolution & Cooperation Duration: 1 or 2 Day Program Course Benefits: Workplace conflict has an impact on more than the individual—it creates a ripple effect, the repercussions of which are felt throughout the team and the organization. In this course, you are fully engaged in realistic work scenarios in which you gain practical experience recognizing causes behind interpersonal conflict, targeting emotional triggers that create conflict, and applying proven techniques and strategies to build an environment of cooperation. You Will Learn How To: Effectively handle conflict using a powerful conflict resolution method. Anticipate the causes of conflict and [...]

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Influencing Skills Program


Influencing Skills Program Duration: 2-Day Program Course Benefits: Professionals are often faced with the responsibility of completing a project without having the necessary authority or resources to meet the challenge. Harnessing the skills to effectively influence others can be the difference between success and failure. In this course, through practice sessions, video simulations, self-assessments and role-playing activities, you acquire the specific skills, behaviors and attitudes necessary to achieve desired results without relying on the use of authority. You Will Learn How To: Apply influence strategies to gain commitment from others and foster collaboration Define desired outcomes for win-win results Dynamically adjust [...]

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